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Baby Steps

For people intending to change their diet from a vegetarian diet to a omnivorous diet, there are a few commonly suggested rules to follow when making the switch:

  • Take probiotics prior to ingesting any meat to ensure an adequate supply of healthy gut bacteria for optimal digestion. Some people may also benfit from taking digestive enzymes before and during the transition. These items can be found easily at any health food store and are starting to become more widely available at grocery and retail store chains.
  • Start by incorporating meat based broths into the diet before eating any actual meat.
  • When first beginning to eat meat, start with fish or chicken. Eat it earlier in the day and don’t eat anything else for a few hours afterwards to give your body time to react appropriately and make note of any feelings of discomfort.

While I can not say from personal experience whether these tips are necessary steps or not, they make sense for those wanting to be cautious.


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