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The First Bite

As of March 20th of 2014, I guess I am no longer considered a “vegetarian”.

My family had plans to go for fish and chips at our local C-Lovers fish and chips restaurant. I made the conscious decision when the meal was planned that I would try the fish during this meal and informed my family so that they could be supportive (and not completely shocked when I ordered).

Completely ignoring the baby steps I spoke about earlier this week, I went ahead and jumped back into an omnivore lifestyle. I was delighted to find that I experienced no symptoms of sickness or stomach pain after eating fish and, as I was previously concerned about.

However, I must end this post with a bit of negativity. Though I was happy to experience no sickness from eating fish, I wasn’t too thrilled with the taste of my meal. To me, it seemed bland and unexciting, though my family claimed it tasted delicious just like fish and chips normally is. Perhaps I was just expecting to be wowed by my first meat. Perhaps next time!

Eating fish for the first time

C-Lovers Fish & Chips Restaurant


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