Goodbye Veggies

A journey through a diet change

But Why Goodbye?

As of March of this year, I have been living a vegetarian lifestyle for eight years. Two of those years were spent as a vegan and large supporter of animal rights. People have continually told me that I would end up giving up my vegetarian lifestyle and such conversations usually led to fights. Unfortunately (for me), I must admit that those people were right.

I have decided to begin to eat meat for two basic reasons:

  1. I am completely bored of my diet. I am rarely enthused to eat a meal unless it is a completely unhealthy fast food type of meal. Lately, the idea of eating meat has seemed much, much more appetizing than continuing eating what I have been eating for the last near-decade.
  2. I am getting to the point in my life where I have to start making decisions for more people than just myself. I worry that my future children will grow up confused by their mother’s eating habits and that there is potential that they will decide to make dietary changes that may not benefit them.

With that said, I will be attempting to add meat – very slowly – back into my diet, and will be reporting my progress as I do. This doesn’t mean that I no longer support animal rights, but I choose now to support them in different ways.


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